Radiodaddy Restart

Posted By James on Jan 22 2009 12:25 AM
Radiodaddy released a very exciting thread on their forums today. With the site slowly dieing a slow painful death, the staff are taking over with permission from the original owner. The site is aiming at a larger audience in the next site update focusing on articles and videos on voiceovers.

Pottsie said to Broadcasting World.. "The changes I am implementing have everything to do with keeping our members and changing for the better. I have been with Radio Daddy from the very beginning and I too have at times become very frustrated with the way things were run. The admins, including me, were enforcing rules set in place by others. Even I got confused over some of the rules in place.

I have been given the chance to change Radio Daddy by becoming a partner with decision making abilities on the day to day operations of Radio Daddy and I am attempting to make the changes that should have been made years ago. We will be exrensively reviewing the rules for the site and revamping them. We have a rules committee in place. We certainly will remain focused on the core of what RD was built on "Free Voiceovers" but I have an intrest in developing the site into a learning and development site as well as a site that can make a buck or two from commercial entities for its VALUED Voice Pros.

Anyone that feels they were under valued at Radio Daddy let me say I am sorry, I really am. I can not change the past I can only move forward and develop a site that will be both beneficial to all with an interest in Voice Overs and a fun place to hang out."

With more to be released over the coming weeks, the two admins, Adam and Pottsie are working hard on the new site. Radiodaddy recently cought bad media attention via media sites and blogs all over the world for dissing podcasters, voiceover artists and being known for "not communicating between staff".

Broadcasting World upcoming voice blogger, Mark Hill says "Radiodaddy is not entirely a well known name in the voiceover industry, you would think the company would focus on improving their imaging and keeping its members rather than loosing its memberbase and moving to a different site style."

Lets hope the site changes administration wise and isn't so tough on its rules this time.



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