Radionomy Stations No Longer Available for US Listeners on TuneIn or Nobex Apps

Posted By BWorld on May 30 2016 05:46 AM

In a move, most likely related to the Sony Lawsuit, Radionomy has blocked many listeners from tuning into stations via the TuneIn App. In a 64 page letter sent to TuneIn from Sony Music Entertainment, it is stated that all of the listed Radionomy stations are infringing upon it's rights. It specifically states that Radionomy has not obtained proper licensing from Sony to play the music in the stations. Listed on over 58 pages are the examples of specific stations and songs that are in violation of the copyright notice. As a result, TuneIn or Radionomy (we're not sure which) has either removed all of the stations from TuneIn or replaced the audio streams with other stations, who apparently do not infringe upon Sony's copywritten material. 

As a result of this announcement Nobex Partners released a statement to all of their customers:

Following Radionomy's announcement yesterday that the streams are not available for now in the U.S., we will be implementing a similar change in our mobile apps, that will become effective shortly.

If your station uses Radionomy for your stream your custom app will still be active and available for download, with any connected content account intact, but listeners using your app within the U.S. will not be able to connect to the audio stream once this change comes into effect. 

Thank you for your understanding.

~ Nobex Partners Team

Unfortunately for listeners of the Radionomy stations and most especially the station owners, this is another example of you get what you pay for - or in this case, what you don't pay for.

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