RCS Delivers More Mobile Options With iPush

Posted By James on Apr 01 2010 07:45 PM
RCS, the world's largest broadcast software company introduces RCS iPush™ the latest mobile application for NexGen Digital. There is now an app for recording one or more news reports or remote inserts and sending them to NexGen Digital via an integrated version of WANcasting. The audio lands into the system for playback on the air.

President and CEO of RCS Philippe Generali commented, "With the incredible innovations happening in mobile communication devices, RCS has taken a step forward with an application that gives our automation users a way to be more local, more up-to-date and timely than ever before. RCS iPush is just the beginning of ways we can harness the power of the cell phone. As they say, when you want do a remote broadcast from a iPhone, "there's now an app for that!"

With RCS iPush you can leave your bulky recording equipment at the studio and still capture events. iPush your recordings directly into the automation system's library. iPush works with your iPhone or second generation or newer iPod Touch. iPush is compatible with the phone's microphone, or upgrade to plug-in higher quality over-the-counter microphones.

Check out the app store for more information on how to interact with NexGen Digital. You must have iTunes installed.

RCS iPush

Via RCS Newsroom



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