SAM Broadcaster Compatibility In Windows 7

Posted By James on May 03 2009 12:00 AM
Broadcasting World has obtained a copy of Windows 7 and has been doing some tests on functionality in SAM Broadcaster. A good feature in Windows 7 is that backwards compatibility is now standard, unlike Vista where it was released without 'previous' versions in mind, Windows 7 features a very handy XP Mode.

Considering Windows Vista was a failure for broadcasters globally, We can safely say Windows 7 is going to be a hit for Radio Stations globally and Webcasters!

What does this mean for broadcasters? Not only webcasters but radio stations can upgrade from XP and still run the software they use without paying a cent. What a bonus! We installed SAM on our Windows 7 Build 7100 Acer Notebook and it was the standard installation, a bit slower than our XP based computer but still useable. To cut the review short, everything worked 100%. Its a tiny bit slower BUT it ran like a charm, no delays and still great to broadcast from.

Without doubt, other software like Winamp and other radio automation will be updated for Windows 7, but for now thanks to Microsoft, you can run pretty much anything in Windows 7!

Tell us if you will upgrade or will you stay with XP in our comments!



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