SAM Broadcaster v4.5.5 RC3 Update

Posted By James on Jun 08 2009 04:39 AM
We've been receiving raves about SAM Broadcaster™ ever since it was first introduced over a decade ago, and we're very proud of the Spacial Audio development team.

This time we think they've really gone over-the-top with the SAM Broadcaster v4.5.5 RC3 update. There are at least 10 improvements that you can get by downloading this free update here.

Some improvements on this update: • Added CSV export of SoundExchange report.
• Updated StreamAds logic to allow for better distribution of shorter ads.
• Increased default separation times for StreamAds Logic.
• Added support for "Pre-Event" scripting in Windows Media Encoder.
• Added PID cleanup for Robust encoders on SAM startup.
• Fixed bug with SoundExchange report when using FireBird database.
• Added Wowza stats relay support.
• Added URL Append Template for Shoutcast/Icecast streaming.




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