Shoutcast Back-up files

Posted By Brutish Sailor on Apr 10 2009 12:00 AM
Keep in mind that you have an intact stream. It has a buffer that can account for little disturbances in the stream.

You do a normal DJ session. Lets see how this goes.

Ok, now lets swap DJ's.

What just happened? You just dropped your stream and all the listeners
with it. Some just hit the play button on their widgets again, and some said ," I wonder what else I can tune into?"

Put your backup file to use. When someone STOPS streaming, the back-up file leaves the stream intact. This way you do not risk losing your listeners.

Backup files work a lot like Shoutcast intro files. The bitrate, sample rate,
and channel needs to match the oncoming DJ's stream. Otherwise the
stream will drop! (This applies to DJ's that are currently streaming as
well, load a backup file on the server that doesn't match the current
stream, and its going down) So its good to start up a second streaming
port with the same file on it, set the DNAS on private, and test your
oncoming DJ before they start connecting on the main stream. ESPECIALLY
if they have no prior stream experience.

This process can be very easy to accomplish. But VERY easy to screw up.

Also the bitrate naming applies to the file name just like an intro file (backup128.mp3)

Backup files do not support AAC or AAC+ streaming at this time.



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