SHOUTcast For Business (SC4B) Leaked

Posted By James on Jun 14 2018 06:36 AM

SHOUTcast users have been in disarray in the past 24 hours over stream dropouts with their RMO service. A forum post on the Winamp/SHOUTcast forums details several users having dropouts and server connection issues, some spanning several hours.

Broadcasting World investigations, along with inditial findings from forum members and internet radio experts (thanks to DJGaryBaldy) have found a new service (codenamed SC4B, short for SHOUTcast For Business) is in the works by the Radionomy team. Further findings by Broadcasting World uncover an automation system, integration with SAM Broadacster Cloud, and API access to TuneIn (who's station addition services are currently unavailable).

Screenshots from the uncovered support articles also show relay options to Icecast with further space for other services.

The in-built automation system (named 'Planner') appears to be built from scratch, not using any existing codebase or packaged software. It appears to be an added section to the existing RMO (Radio Manager Online) software currently being used by the existing hosting service offered by SHOUTcast.

Features include:

  • Boxes (categories for musical elements such as songs of various genres, jingles, voice tracks, fillers, clips)
  • Clocks (Sequence of boxes defining the programming of the station playout)
  • File Browser/Uploader
  • Advanced Security/Contact Rights

No formal announcement has been made from Radionomy or SHOUTcast, although preparations appear to be underway as the full Planner Manual can be read online. Our predictions will be that an announcement will be made in the coming weeks to months to launch the new service. Unfortunately it appears to be the end of the current free service, as users have outlined that they have been transitioned to the new SC4B service with a "free trial" which appears to be definite (3 months).

There is no word on the DNAS (standalone server software), our assumption would be that this remains free and self service. For now, we will have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on Radionomy/SHOUTcast monetizing the service? Will the extra features be worthy enough for you to pay? Let us know in the comments!

SHOUTcast SC4B Business Paid Spacial Audio



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