Simple fixed studio or field two person interview

Posted By on Feb 27 2009 12:00 AM
Use two lapel microphones, one per person, clipped if possible on to a tie or centre of a shirt about one to one and a half hand widths below their chins. If it is only possible to clip the microphone to one side make sure it is the one in the direction in which they are talking It is also useful to vary the distance to the microphone depending on the strength of the speakers voice - i.e. move it closer up if they have a soft voice and a bit further down if they have a loud voice.

It can also pay to do a test record first before starting the interview to check that sound are being recorded OK. Also a tape check at the end to make sure the interview was recorded OK is a good idea. Fixing Audio during the Editing and Post Production Process Don’t do it - Get it right to start with. Often it is tempting to try to fix problems in the editing stage, this usually takes more time that it would have to have gotten it right at the shooting stage, and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it simply can’t be done.



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