Sourcefabric releases Airtime

Posted By James on Nov 28 2011 05:03 PM
Sourcefabric have released their open source radio software Airtime 1.9.5, which now comes with an 'easy install' package that sets up a quick configuration without the need to enter any settings. Airtime is free to download, runs on Ubuntu and Debian, and users can interact with it through any web browser.

The airtime-easy-install DEB package will install everything needed for a working version of Airtime with a single click on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid or Debian 6.0 Squeeze through either the Ubuntu Software Center or the GDebi Package Installer.

Airtime 1.9.5 improves Airtime's Media Monitor, specifically the parsing of a file's metadata and the moving or renaming of 'watch' folders. It also addresses issues with parsing Unicode metadata in audio files and a bug with older versions of python-virtualenv.

The previous version of the software, Airtime 1.9.4, was the most downloaded version of the software to date with over 1500 downloads in its first month. Airtime is used by stations such as London's Resonance FM, Senegalâ's West Africa Democracy Radio and Polandâ's Bieszczady FM for scheduling, automation and remote radio station management.

Airtime 1.9.5 includes features debuted in the previous version: a file storage system with 'watch' folders that allows stations to magically synchronise files and to easily browse their audio archives, Shoutcast support, improved front-end widgets, and extensive bug-fixes.

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