Spacial Audio Offers a Radio Bailout

Posted By James on Feb 28 2009 02:50 AM
Lost your radio job? Dust yourself off and get digital, free. 50 Radio Professionals Can Now Go Back to Work. Spacial Audio will move you from despair to the future by donating the software and hosting to create new internet radio stations. So what if you've just been given a pink slip? Start your own radio station with this Spacial Radio Bailout!

World-class SAM Broadcaster™, StreamAds™, and Stream Hosting will be donated to 50 displaced radio professionals.

Every Tuesday between February 3 and April 7, 2009, five Spacial Radio Bailout recipients will be randomly drawn.,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=95&cntnt01detailtemplate=SpacialAudio%20News%20Detail&cntnt01dateformat=%25b%20%25d%2C%20%25Y&cntnt01returnid=63



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