SRA Launches the First I Love Student Radio Awards

Posted By James on Apr 07 2010 05:39 PM
Whilst many of the most outstanding presenters and producers are recognised in the SRA's annual Student Radio Awards ceremony, which takes place every November in London, there is often little or no recognition for those stations and members who work behind the scenes. As a result, the SRA has launched the I Love Student Radio Awards, part of the I Love Student Radio campaign, as a way of recognising and praising those students and stations who are often overlooked despite their passion and commitment to improving, not only themselves, but also their station and student radio as a whole.

The SRA received over 50 entries for the I Love Student Radio Awards, which is in its first year, and out of these a shortlist of winners was drawn up by the SRA Executive, Tim Dye (Chair), Sarah Ghost (Secretary), Dan Hudson (Events Officer), James Palmer (Marketing Officer), Sejal Kansara (Development Officer) and Matt Hurst (Finance Manager).

Amongst the winners were Radio Caley, who were awarded Most Improved Student Station, Spark FM who were received the Community Spirit award, Radio Sonar who were awarded Outstanding Contribution to Student Radio, and two individual awards for Brett Jenkins (Xtreme Radio) for Most Dedicated Student and Amy Collins (Purple Radio) for Outstanding Contribution to a Student Station.

Secretary of the SRA, Sarah Ghost, said: "The standard was extremely high and we really struggled to pick from an extremely varied yet brilliant bunch. However, whilst it was difficult to pick the winners, we are absolutely delighted that our members realise the benefit of awarding their hardest, most dedicated and innovative peers. We are heartened to know that student radio is continuing to work hard, not just on performance in front of the microphone, but also on development behind it."

The ceremony also saw the SRA hand out special SRA Hero Awards to those individuals who have assisted the Association and student radio throughout the year. The winners included Matt Garforth (Smoke Radio) for his continued support in the I Love Student Radio Campaign, Scott Robinson (Radio Sonar) for his creation of the I Love Student Radio iPhone app, Matt Proudfoot (Fly FM) for his dedication and hard work on the Student Radio Conference, and to Jannik Gieskam (SubCity Radio) for his incredible success in the Scotland region.

Tim Dye, Chair of the SRA, said: "The SRA always receives an extremely high level of support from its members and from a few key individuals each year. We thought it was about time we honoured them properly and in a way that made everyone aware of their achievements and what they have done for, not only the SRA, but also everyone involved in student radio."

The I Love Student Radio campaign, of which the I Love Student Radio Awards are a part, aims to raise awareness of student radio and the benefits of getting involved. It also aims to encourage participation at all levels and also to build relations between educational establishments and their student stations.



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