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Posted By James on Mar 27 2009 04:22 AM
A new site has come up into the webcasting market. StationEngine is aimed at providing innovative and useful webcasting tools free for all internet broadcasters. They are working in close partnership with one of Broadcasting World's most trusted member and company, KWD Services Inc. The team accepts suggestions for future innovations on their website.

"After going over it with KWD Services we decided to begin work on StationEngine and worked hard to make sure that everything was ready before we released it to anyone. The site is 100% coded by us and this is just the beginning of StationEngine."

Their first innovation is a Flash Media Player, it plays SHOUTcast streams that run on the mp3 encoder and includes a wide variety of features and stunning look. The player is free for anyone to use with no listener limits, free and premium options and also an easy navigation both on the site and on the player itself.

"We do not require any login data for streams to generate our player and it works on over 90% of browsers. This tool will work with any SHOUTcast stream that streams in MP3 format at any bitrate."

BW Tested the player and our stream ran for just over 8 hours, after that we had to turn the computer off because the test would have run into midnight. The player is perfect for listeners who hate external listening applications and prefer ones that are in-browser. Plus flash is isntalled on over 98% of computers nowadays, do why not?

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