Staying Competitive

Posted By on Mar 06 2009 12:00 AM
With over a million online radio stations and over 2000 just in your stations genre, how can you stay on top or reach the top? You can by watching your rivals in your genre. Its the same with a business, a job and pretty much everything in your daily life. You have to be competitive some time in your life in order to achieve, and this is what we are telling you now.

We can start off by giving you a few tips on remaining competitive in the webcasting industry...

1. Subscribe to whatever you can find of compeditors. Make a fake twitter and subscribe to only your competitors, then you can log in and see what your competitors are doing or playing. This works for myspace/facebook and any RSS feeds of your rivals site.

2. Dont just follow your competitors, see whats new in different genres, commercial stations etc.. Sometimes you will find some things your rivals would have NEVER thought of!

3. Your competitor advertises on a website. Be sneeky and advertise on it AFTER the rivals advertising campaign is over and advertise for longer. Alsways search for ideal advertising places that your rival is likely to go to, this is easy if you have studied your rival well.

4. Never copy what your rival does, always improve on what they do, like i said about the advertising. Extend the ad for longer than your competitor has. If you copy your competitor too much, they will notice, they will take action and you can get into serious trouble or battle ;).

5. Keep updated to Broadcasting World, we ahve the latest on stations and you can meet and discuss with other stations hand your host in our forums. The best place to recieve advice is here.

So keep on top of things and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). ;)

- The BW Team.



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