StreamLicensing updates with new rates for internet radio broadcasters

Posted By James on Dec 28 2015 02:23 PM

Hobby broadcasters within the USA are expected to be hit harder with the new royalty rates released last week. Previous licensing terms have been in effect since 2006, but are due to expire this year. 

On December 16 the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) fulfilled its every-five-year function of determining new royalty rates which kick in January 1, and made no mention of the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009 (WSA), which gave indie pureplay stations special rates designed to encourage business development. The WSA expires at midnight on December 31.

Blanket licensing companies such as StreamLicensing and Live365 have started to update their rates, with StreamLicensing updating theirs overnight.

The new rates start from $39.95 USD for up to 4,000 TLH per month ($20 revenue), and stretch up to $58.50 USD for 7,000 TLH per months ($20 revenue). If you expect to earn more than $20 per month, expect to pay more, with a 7,000 TLH plan earning more than $500 per month is expected to pay more than $170+ USD per month.

Many internet broadcasters are upset with the increases, saying:

I think this is a deal broaker for me. I can't really justify $40 in licensing fees and $10 in server fees per month for what is basically a hobby.

Well I think it's time to shut down or sell my station. I've been on the air for 5 years now and the cost to keep it up now is a little too much!

 There is still hope for a reviewon the new rates and for more co-operation between streamers and licensers. For the full list of prices for StreamLicensing, visit their website.

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