StreamLicensing welcomes LoudCity Broadcasters

Posted By James Davey on Feb 09 2014 09:52 PM

Once LoudCity's owner made the difficult decision to close downon February 3, StreamLicensing.Com has gone from 525 Affiliates to more than 700 Affiliates. This growth has all taken place since last Monday afternoon and we are looking for another couple hundred this week. Some wonder if StreamLicensing can handle the added clientele. The facts are our agreements with the PRO's provide enough headroom to handle all Loudcity broadcasters and more this year.

As far as our server capacity goes, when we received a four-hour notice that LoudCity's clients would be needing a new home, we ramped up our software and servers. The software and server updates were completed by late evening on February 3, so no interruption or slowdown in service or performance has or will occur even with the rapid influx of Internet broadcasters needing a new home.

Making major changes can be stressful and difficult but StreamLicensing is here and open to meet your Internet Radio licensing needs. John Draper has joined the StreamLicensing Customer Support department and he and our other great support team members are here to make the transition as smooth as is possible. "Customer service is lagging a little longer than I like," Marvin says, "but in the big picture my support team is doing a great job in keeping up with our new Affiliates' questions and needs."

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