The Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab Opens

Posted By James on Jul 20 2010 06:04 AM
The Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab, a SAG Foundation resource facility honoring the late voice-over superstar, will have its grand opening on Friday night.
The lab, located at the nonprofit SAG Foundation's Actors Center on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, sports a state-of-the-art sound studio to allow voice-over actors to work on their craft and cut demos and auditions. The facility also offers classroom space for workshops, seminars and demonstrations.
LaFontaine, who died in September 2008, provided voice-overs for an estimated 5,000 movie trailers.
Many of those began with his catchphrase, "In a world where ..."
Helping to make the lab a reality was an advisory board made of Joe Cipriano, Randy Thomas, Paul Pape, George Whittam, Townsend Coleman, Joshua Daugherty, George DelHoyo, Kevin Gershan, Vanessa Gilbert, Stew Herrera, Adam "Aejay'e" Jackson, Ben Patrick Johnson, Nita Whitaker LaFontaine, David Marc, Bill Ratner, Tony Rodgers, Rino Romano, Scott Rummell, Jim Tasker, Steve Tisherman, Sylvia Villagran and Beau Weaver.



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