Top 5 Money Saving Tips For The Studio

Posted By James on Jul 07 2010 12:00 AM
Broadcasting is not particularly an affordable thing to get into these days. The reputation of companies making studio equipment has gained a higher focus in consumers view. Setting up a top-notch recording studio is considered to be something expensive, proper and full of RODE microphones. Not much has changed except for the introduction of Germany’s Behringer, producing affordable and sexy audio gear. This brought on a new cheaper alternative but it has not changed the consumers aim, for the best and most expensive.

We have researched some great money saving tips to keep your studio affordable, fully functioning and ready to start broadcasting to the world! Here are our top 5 tips…

1. Choose the cheaper alternative.
Kind of obvious, but buying that microphone you really need but doesn’t look as good as the $700 one is fine. They do the same thing but just cutting $300 off the price tag. Research companies that produce audio equipment and compare the prices with the cheaper alternatives. Your wallet will be happy with the results!

2. Buy a pair of stockings.
Why? Not only do they keep your wife’s cold legs happy on a winter’s day but they are also great spit/pop guards for your microphone. Pick up a stretch arm, a coil of wire and a clip from your local Radio Shack (US) / Dick Smith (AU) store and read up on this tutorial.

3. Review your Internet Radio listener statistics.
This is a good way to save money; streaming servers can cost quite a lot depending on your targeted audience. Reviewing your listener statistics on a regular basis will give you a rough figure on just how many people are listening! If you are paying for a server with 100 slots with only 12 people listening every day, downgrade! Search our database and find a cheaper deal!

4. Choose the free, open source software.
The rumours about using the best software, makes it sound better are just utter jokes. If that were the case, we would have everyday people hosting radio shows on major networks. Your presenting skills count! Use open source, free software to automate your station, cue tracks and edit jingles. It all adds up! Here are a few free alternatives..

- Free Editing Software
- Free Radio Automation

5. Talk with other broadcasters.
Get to know local broadcasters in your area, browse broadcasting sites like us and connect with people on internet forums. Broadcasters are friendly people, tips are always being exchanged on websites and in community gatherings. Visit our Forums

If you have any useful tips, please comment below or join our community forums!



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