Wavestreaming Releases New Look Site!

Posted By James on Jan 22 2009 02:50 AM
Wavestreaming is the newest host on the block to upgrade its website! The website was updated and officially posted on wavestreamings blog and twitter at around 9pm Wednesday.

The site offers a classy web 2.0 shiny look and with an exciting green, gray and some hints of orange color scheme. Wavestreaming has a good form of communication which i love, they use facebook, twitter, myspace, blog, rss and everything! It would be good if they put up a theme that matches their site on twitter and myspace but whos to complain!

They have quite a few good offers on the site listed in a bright orange box with a flame, this will surely attract some attention. Web hosting is apparently coming in next month which should be good for the people starting a radio station. Maybe they could start a package for new hosts that want hosting and a shoutcast server? Just a thought ;)

Overall the site looks good!
Well done Wavestreaming!



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