Webcasters Stimulus Package

Posted By James on May 03 2009 12:00 AM
We are launching our Webcasters Stimulus Package this month thanks to all our sponsors and you! The pack includes discounts, tips, ideas and much more for webcasters globally! Whats the catch? Simply be a member of BW! BAM!

Stats have shown that Internet Radio has increased listener wise even with the launch of DAB and HD radio. Ando Media has released audience data for their measured group of stations for March 2009. The big gainer on the ranker is CBSRadio, with a weekly cume of more than 6.5 million listeners to their network. The CBSRadio network now includes both Yahoo Launchcast and AOL Radio audiences, as well as Last.fm and all the streaming channels of CBSRadio’s broadcast stations. As RAIN: The Radio and Internet Newsletter pointed out in their report of this new data on friday - CBSRadio’s streaming audience is second only to YouTube, per David Goodman in his speech at the RAIN Summit last monday.

But people are still cancelling their subscriptions with internet radio providers and streaming providers, so we are here to help! The package will contain info on how to survive the economic downturn and it will also include free submission to over 20 internet radio directories on the internet!

More info coming this month, stay tuned!



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