What Is Broadcasting?

Posted By on Jan 23 2009 12:00 AM
Broadcasting can be done in many ways such as by using satellites, traditional radio signals and also internet where people can broadcast or podcast their video.

The data has to be sent in a sequential order which is also called schedule. To reduce the size of the transferred data the data can be coded at the server and can thus be decoded at the client.

There are two types of broadcasting possible. One is recorded and other is live. Recorded broadcast gives opportunity to one to correct mistakes and also remove the content which is not required. But in events like sports match etc, live broadcast has to be made.

Another disadvantage of recorded broadcast is that people may know the outcome in many cases. Therefore, in such cases live broadcast has to be made. Broadcast can be distributed in several ways such as by FM radio frequency broadcast, through satellites and also through internet.

There are different copyrights and patent acts which protect the audio and video content which might be protecting them to be broadcasted for free or there is need for permission from author. So, these copyrights and patent acts should be kept in mind.



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