What Is Loudcaster?

Posted By James on Jul 14 2010 05:25 PM
A lot of talk has been around the broadcasting industry forums lately about a website. Its classed as a stream host and a licensing provider but with a small twist. Comparing Loudcaster with Loudcity, it is quite similar but Loudcaster has a nice modern touch.

"Loudcaster is radio, but better! The exciting thing about listening on Loudcaster is we all hear the same thing, at the same time, and share the experience together, guided by DJ's in just about any music topic you can imagine. As awesome as your 32 GB iPod is, you have to admit can be a lonely experience sometimes."
Brandon has turned the wheels of various technology roles at Staples, Ultranet, RCN, Baine & Company, Surfcontrol, Thonmson Financial and more, Brandon knows how to plan, implement and execute. Brandon started cutting his Internet radio teeth years ago, working on his own Loudcity. A boot-strapped and cash flow positive internet radio broadcaster community.
We are curious to hear what Loudcaster is aimed at and we hope to have Loudcaster launched in our reviews section soon.



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