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iPluggers has a large database of new high-quality releases available for airplay. Their platform uses mail updates ('iPlugging') to keep music directors updated on the newest releases in their genre.You can create your own account and adjust the iPlugging to suit your needs. After login yo

The Good

- iPluggers is completely free of charge for radio stations.
- They provide you with the newest releases in various genres.
- They only provide tracks of top artists! Artists and labels are carefully selected using a strict A&R procedure.
- You don't receive all music, just the genres you're interested in.
- iPluggers will never sent .mp3 files to your inbox. You only receive light-weight mail updates with links to online press kits where you can listen to- and download the tracks you want to airplay.
- No special software needed: listen to tracks using your browser and download the newest releases.- Download songs in broadcast quality.
- Artist- and song information are provided for each track (as id3-tags and optional .zip label copy)
- Every artist and label has their own profile page (digital press kit) where you can find additional information (such as biography, discography, pictures, videos, social media links, iTunes artist link)
- Browse their archives of releases by main genre and 200 subgenres.
- You can further personalize your plugging settings and change the plugging genre range and update frequency to suit your needs.

The Bad

When you sign up iPluggers will check the details provided and will contact you in case of doubt. After approval they'll activate your account. This can take up to 48 hours.


iPluggers is a wonderful service that provides you with the newest releases in the genres of your playlist.

Sign up for an airplay account now: http://www.ipluggers.com/radio-signup/

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