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Fast Serv Networks, LLC was founded in 2003 in San Diego, California originally as a high bandwidth streaming media provider. Due to customer demand in late 2004, website and email hosting, fully managed dedicated servers and colocation became a standard offering. Fast Serv is privately owned, and r

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Brutish Sailor thinks...

This service is THE service to get for reliability. I can honestly say that while deployed, I would listen to AAC+ streams, and while doing so, I would give thanks to the web host I can tune into. I started noticing a pattern, ALL THE STATIONS that I could tune into? ALL were hosted by fastserv. Dont believe me? Get behind a military purpose firewall, and try everything from centova web server spawns, to host offering Port proxys (8000 in 80 out) and see where it gets you.

Quality cost cash. Randy knows what hes doing, and he knows hes got some of the best up time out there. For all the old Loudcaster And ORIGINAL Loudcity hosted customers, Fastserv was the provider. Nuff said.

I might not have a lot of Slots, but your not just buying slots. Fastserv runs a customized (not centova or WHMSonic rendered) interface. If theirs a function in Icecast (short of loading an intro file on the server) it can be done. Right down to designation of Icecast slots being shoutcast relays, and connecting Icecast servers with Shoutcast encoder clients. I'm not JUST buying slots, Im buying piece of mind on my up time, and reliability.

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