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Reviewed By on Jun 10 2012
ViaStreaming was formed in October 2004 to set a new standard for audio and video streaming hosting solutions. The goal was to provide our customers with a superior managed streaming hosting environment through a unique suite of services (Shoutcast, Flash Media Server, Windows Media Server, audio an

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andhow thinks...

They have a nice website.

*see below*

This is a perfect example that a nice website does not equal professionalism. They keep offering special deals after you had already signed up for another plan at a much higher price and when I would complain they would offer me the deal, but only on a new server with another IP address. They also offered a "free" Android app to all new customers, but I never received mine and they were a bit dodgy about the reasons why. (When they saw that I had moved my streams off of their servers, they were quick to offer the free Android app, but too late.) Port 80 did not allow for tracking of the listener via their IP address, it would just show up as "Unknown". Due to the fact that Shoutcast only reports your "unique" connections, this ended up becoming an issue in the news! The drama & fallout that happened ended up with our being "banned from Wikipedia!" Their customer service was quick to place blame on the customer and they would never take responsibility for anything. Not so reasonably priced, but due to their website I was under the impression that they were a much bigger and professional company.

Alex thinks...

Emailed them numerous times in order to find out more information about the "free" iOS and Android apps and got either no response or ridiculous responses.

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