About 1337FM

A newly formed station playing music from the Top 40 singles, albums, and compilation albums of all genres from the UK inc. camp anthems. 

We are a community based station and value the input from our listeners. We DO NOT run a subscription based service and DO NOT charge for any small communities wanting to advertise from the gaming or gaming related areas. 

We have a sourcemod plugin for gamers wanting to listen whilst playing the likes of counterstrike source, Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat, and other like orangebox games.

We do accept donations to help aid with the running of the servers etc. but again it is NOT a compulsory requirement. 

Click one of the icons below to listen in! We even have a web proxy so that people behind restrictive firewalls can listen in!!!

windows Media Player MEDIA PLAYER
Web Proxy WEB PROXY (For people behind corporate firewalls)