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About QZ Radio

The Name:
Our name D'QwayZay derives from the westernmost community of San Juan (pronounced sah-wah) that sprawls along the length of the Eastern Main Road on the island of Trinidad W.I. The town’s focal point is the “croisee” (pronounced kwaysay ). A bustling junction marked by the Scotia bank clock tower, which was named when French Creole was the main local vernacular. “Croisee” translates as “crossroads ”. The croisee, after dark, is the scene of lively organized pandemonium. Doubles vendors line the streets and provide party-goers with sustenance, while groups of limers compete for space to lime.

The Mission:
D'QwayZay.com intends to be your premium online source of entertainment and Caribbean news, cultural activities, events ,lifestyles, and music. As we strive to connect the Caribbean to the world , our goal is to familiarize the world with the genre of Soca. On QZ Radio (the site’s in house radio station) you will be entertained by other Caribbean and mainstream genres as well. Should we conform to the norm of others? The answer is NO! We intend, not only to be the footprint , but the blueprint of online media for Caribbean culture . We now welcome you to join us, “where the Caribbean meets the world”, D'QwayZay.Com.

Thank you and enjoy your visit at D'QwayZay.Com