Swinburne Student Radio

About Swinburne Student Radio

Swinburne University has a rich history of radio broadcasting spanning 34 years. Since the 70s, Swinburne Student Radio has acted as the voice of the students, providing the campus with honest and enthusiastic presenters and a range of music more diverse than the varying ethnicities of its attendants. Today 3SSR broadcasts wholly over the Internet, free of a frequency 3SSR is now an easily accessible, quality service.

Swinburne Student Radio began in 1974, run by hippies with beards and brown pants. Like most memories of the 70′s, 3SSR’s are fuzzy. The 80′s saw expansion and an unprecedented 30 spins of ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’. After the Government decided to remove the majority of community radio station licences, instead of dying, 3SSR decided to stream over the Internet. In recent times, 3SSR has enjoyed some major surgery to cover up its aging lines.

2014 brought in new branding for 3SSR and the largest radio grid and member base in the history of 3SSR.

3SSR is currently located in the bottom level of the George Building.